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How it works - in 3 simple steps

The process could not be simpler. Our goal is to get your menu into iMenuPro as fast as possible so you can get on your way.

  • Step 1

    Email us your existing menu - no matter what it is. If you want us to convert it to a takeout menu, just let us know!

  • Step 2

    We'll send you a quote and a summary of what to expect at the end of the project. You must have an active iMenuPro subscription for us to get started.

  • Step 3

    Once paid for, your menu will be processed and delivered directly to your account within 24-72 hours (sooner rather than later).

Takeout, Wine, or Brunch Menu? Yes.

We have helped customers migrate all sorts of menus to iMenuPro.


“I recently discovered iMenuPro offers an excellent service for uploading menu data for a nominal fee. What a game changer!
I can now much more rapidly implement a wine list change I’ve been dying to do. ”


Tailored pricing. Pay for what you need

Don't waste your money or your time - our price will be tailored exactly for what your project needs

Menu Import
$99 /per page*

Import your existing menu into iMenuPro so you can make edits whenever you want.

  • Fully editable menu

  • Item data import

  • Up to 50 items per page**

  • Up to 2 revisions

Convert to Takeout
$199 /per menu

Convert your existing menu into a takeout or carryout menu.

  • Full editable menu

  • Choose from bi-fold or tri-fold

  • Fast turn-around

  • Up to 2 revisions

Custom Pricing
Just need data entry? We charge $0.50 per item. Feel free to contact us for more complex inquires. We'll get you a custom quote.

“iMenuPro has been a great find! - being able to embed menus and one click update is a must. Have been blown away by the quick and responsive support, giving details and info on what the capabilities are for the software, and then clear direction on using each feature. They have even worked with me to provide features that we needed to brand our menus perfectly!

Frequently asked questions

What is the turn-around time?

Usually around 24-72 hours.

What if I don't like the end result?

We hope you do! But in the event that you would like to make an adjustment or change something, we allow each project to have up to 2 minor revisions.

What is the timeframe to ask for revisions?

You have up 1 month to use your available revisions.

Can I have more than 2 revisions?

If you need a revision after 30 days or need more than 2 revisions in total, there will be additional fees.

Can I edit the menu after it is done?

That would suck if you couldn't! Since the menu is completed using iMenuPro, you can edit the menu whenever you like once it is in your account. You can change the entire style or edit any items - it's completely up to you.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, since we are a small company, and this is all being done by hand, we cannot issue refunds at this time. We will do our best to make sure you are happy!

Can you convert my existing menu into a takeout menu?

Yes! We can take your existing menu and convert it to a takeout format of your choice. Please see here for pricing.

iMenuPro this, iMenuPro that, why should I care?

iMenuPro is the amazing, industry leading menu creation platform that we use for, well...just about everything! Read more about it here.

Do I need an iMenuPro account to use your services?

Yes!! We use iMenuPro for every process on your menu, so you will need an active subscription. For more info on iMenuPro pricing, see here.

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